And so it begins

So here begins my blogging journey, giving studio access to my work, and regular updates. I’m not exceptionally good with words so my posts will be mainly visual. But we all have to start somewhere. The most complexing thing about this new adventure, is that I am mid way through a project. Therefore a starting point isn’t as clear as it should be. But I shall begin with what I have been doing for the last week.

I am currently working on five paintings for my first MA exhibition show in mid May.

+ 3x 1.25m by 0.75m – Landscape
+ 2x 2m by 1m – Landscape

IMG_0233Last week I had finally completed stretching and priming all five canvases and on Sunday I began painting a yellow ocher ground.

There is always something a little heartbreaking about placing a ground on a primed surface you have spent days layering up with different consistencies of paint and for hours making sure that the surface is even and smooth. Then, bang, that satisfying white disappears.

Using a yellow ocher for a ground has come from my previous portfolio. I created a series of three paintings, two without a ground and third with. The third painting had stronger depth. The ground created a unity within the painting and gave the sky a soft glow. (below). The yellow ocher can been seen very subtly through the snow and sky. third semester cropped

To add a little more context I shall include the other two paintings from this series. (below)
These paintings came from a selection of works which can be seen on my website  MA Portfolio page. Once finished with all the grounds, I shall move on to painting the skies for each piece.IMG_0067
Many thanks for reading 🙂 xx

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