The overview

IMG_0067When beginning to plan my exhibition pieces I decided to take the elements from my previous work and break them down and improve on them.

This includes; the sky, the composition and style of the trees and the blank bold snow covered ground.

Instead of wasting a lot of time and resources just simply painting as many of these images I can and choosing the cream of the crop or making small pen or pencil sketches which do not show a true reflection of the image I decided to make, mock up images from collage.

I revisited previous photography that focused on light at dusk and painted four skies, testing different times of the day. I then cut silhouettes of tree’s out of black sugar paper, in a range of shapes and sizes, including sideways branches. This allowed me to play around with compositions quickly and efficiently – with the most resemblance to the finished images.

There are samples of these below – none of them are fixed, they are rough and the tree’s do not emphasis and comply with creating distance.

After exploring this idea i felt the more simple the bird the better (bird silhouetted against the moon ^^) and that the stag just did not quiet fit – without being hidden beyond the point of noticeable. The bird was enough. simplistic yet maximising effect.

 The scale of the stag also did not seem right. The image became a little too cluttered. This is when the idea for a title began to form in my head.


These two images show an example of contrasting compositions. I began to play around with how little clutter of trees was needed with the central point – but how many where needed to emphasis the illusion of distance.

  Again I was continuing to sample more and more arrangements.

From this I created over a 100 photos compiling as a composition bank of sorts. As I paint and form the compositions of my five pieces I shall refer to these images for guidance, taking all the insights and elements that work – to find the strongest compositions.

And soo…. I shall face the fear and begin.

Many thanks for reading 🙂 xx


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