The Sky is the Limit…

So after many hours of stretching, priming and finally laying a ground, all in the act of prep, the painting finally began last week.

From my portfolio module I discovered compositionally my horizon needed to be the bottom third of less for an ideal image. The first thing I did was work out the measurements of a third on each canvas this began creating a concave or straight or convex horizon. I put a light white wash over everything below the horizon and began to paint the skies.

With each sky I have depicted a different time of day and each shape of the horizon is created to deliberately give the intention of a different spot within the forest.

First is a mid morning and the convex horizon is to show an early point of entry into the first – however not the first. This is one of the 3 1.25m by 0.75m canvases (potentially the second canvas, if they are displayed in a given order)the second sky

The third is a mid day time frame. This includes some darker clouds by mainly a white and bright day. The straight horizon is to indicate a central point of the forest.IMG_0270 (1)

This fourth sky is a very dark sky compared to all the others. This came from a successful experiment with a paper a1 template made. (samples will be shown in the next post). I do have some reservations about this, but if it does becomes too dark with the added tree’s I can always lighten the sky after ( although I want to avoid this if possible). The light in this image is representing the shine of the moon, therefore a more grey white is used, rather than the pure white or blue white in the other paintings. This horizon is slightly con-caved to imply more distance and space gathering – as you come towards the end of the forest.IMG_0423

This will be the final painting within the series. This is a very thin painted sky, implying a sunrise or sunset time of day – I preferably believe sunrises, as they are more interesting and to me special (as not seen as often as sunsets). The horizon is slight con-caved again to imply the same effect as the previous painting. This is one of two larger canvases at 2m by 1m.IMG_0269

I have one more sky to complete – the first and entrance sky – which will be similar to the second canvas (in the first photography) however more dramatic, with a deeper curve for a horizon and more darker clouds.

From this I shall revisit my previously made compositions from paper and begin painting the trees within the images.

Many Thanks for reading 🙂


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