A productive day..

Soo yesterday was quiet a productive day. I managed to spend the majority of the day painting and working on my website/blog. Although using Wix to create a blog is a lot easier than wordpress, I already have some form of following on wordpress. This means currently I am battling with the two until one wins out. Although I’m not sure there is much wrong with having two blogs (however they do have the same content), it just means more work.

Although this piece is far from over and definitely needs some tidying up, the main composition is down. The lighting of this photo is not great, as it was taken in the evening, but the dark sky is currently holding its own. I have had some responses from family members as it being more darker, threatening and scarier than the other paintings.

I would not be wandering the woods at night.

Today my aim is to finish painting all the tree’s on this painting and the other I have started. Leaving me tomorrow, Friday and Sunday to finish the third smaller canvas I have at home. Then next week getting on with the two larger pieces whilst back in my studio in Aberystwyth. It is a 100% given I can be more productive in Aber, however I eat junk instead of cooked meals and don’t exercise. So swings and roundabouts really.

I am getting excited about the exhibition – which is different from my usual fear of dread and failure. We shall see how long the feeling lasts.

Many thanks for reading 🙂


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