Doing it alone..

I had a catalogue entry deadline for my upcoming exhibition sneak up on me last week. To be totally honest I had completely forgot about the deadline and was just taking my time being useless at writing them kind of things.
After a reminder email from my tutor I sent over some bullet points i’d been mulling over but I had failed to construct them into sentences, I realised the community element I was going through last year with my undergraduate exhibition, was lost.I am currently the only person studying the Masters full time (whom started in 2015). I will be exhibiting as a MA with other MA students who started in previous years, whether two or three years ago. I know one of them, who is lovely and would always be willing to talk but I don’t feel the community aspect I had during my undergrad exhibition.

I always had friends outside my course. My best friends were from a previous course or sports, but I still had several close friends whom I could talk to within the art department, in my year.

Now don’t get me wrong, the people who I started the MA with (who are all part-time) are lovely. I can talk to them for ages about current things going on, their portfolio work and my current work, but you’re just not in the same position. It’s always comforting to hear ‘Well I have only done…” or motivating to hear how much someone else has done.

There is also the fear of being compared to the part-time students who have had a year longer than you to build upon and progress with their work. I know for a fact I would not benefit from having extra time. Mentally it would not benefit me. Plus after doing two foundations degrees before starting my undergrad, I graduated two years late for my class and now I’m doing an extra year with my masters. Twenty years in constant education is a long time. I love learning and would love nothing more than to be able to a PHD at some point, but I need a little breather. So extending the length of my masters would not benefit me. I just hope my marks do not drop as a consequence.

Anyways less of a downer – staying positive with a day in my home studio and the pup to keep me company and an excuse for a few extra tea breaks.

Many thanks for reading 🙂


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