Time flies…


This is currently where I am at with #2. (The ground needs finishing, a few trees need neatening up and a bird potentially adding).

So last week was a hectic one. Started pretty normal, then Wednesday.

Wednesday = hospital appointment, which did not bring good news and just further appointments and further tests. To be honest with the time of the appointment and running errands I ended up losing the whole day.

Thursday = Work. I got to work at the Herbert with education for the first since since February. Working with a college I get on very well with and we were creating 3D watercolour flower’s. These were simply yet effective and ended up very pretty. I silly enough didn’t take any photo’s of theses. Being a week day the workshop was a lot busier. But working alongside someone with a fun activity like that, makes the amount of people insignificant.

Friday =  The doctors rang my first thing and made me come in and sit and wait over an hour to tell me everything I already knew. However they apparently have to tell you officially, and offer the opportunity for you to ask questions. This was followed by an afternoon of painting.

Saturday = work again. Back to the Herbert again. I was working alongside a person I had not met before, who was a very interesting person. It turned out to be a delightful day although quiet. We were creating leaf print collages. Which was very relaxing and almost relevant.

Sunday =  Fun day. Dog school, followed by dog walking around a local woods I have not visited since I was a child and a little more painting 🙂

TODAY = MONDAY! An relaxing start but a very productive day with my painting. Im currently hoping to continue after dinner. Although this idea is always filled with good intentions, its usually never completed. But keep up the hope 🙂

Some examples I made from Saturday’s workshop, below.


 And this is currently where I am at with #4. (I feel I need to bring in a navy / grey wash at the horizon, giving a darker effect).

Many thanks for reading 🙂

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