Catalogue info..

The Huntsman #2, acrylic on canvas, 125×75 (detailed picture)

This is the photo I sent as my catalogue image for my first MA exhibit. I was advised to use a portrait image, due to the landscape layout of the catalogue – thin lines on long landscapes get lost – aka my entire image.

Also my statement:

The Huntsman is a series of paintings which have developed from my previous studies of forestry images within different seasons and weather conditions, fuelled by a background within fairytales and folk-lore. With this work I wanted to achieve the maximum effect I could with the minimalist of elements. I have used a limited palette, over a coloured ground. The philosophy behind this work, is to not illustrate a story, but allow the viewer to reflect their own stories or interpretations upon the images. Creating a concept through absence. There are a total of five paintings within the series.

This is the second painting within The Huntsman series and my first complete finished piece. I am pleased with how it turned out.

I will post a full photo tomorrow, as I have been back working as a Museum Assistant today and I’m honestly too tired to function, to the point where I’ve just had wheetabix for dinner. Early night for me, tomorrow will be productive I promise..

Many thanks for reading 🙂


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