Last but not least..

With all the other four finished up, edges and everything, I started my final piece. This piece is ment to be the quietest piece, with the fewest trees and most dramatic sky. This once has the most yellow ocher coming though, implying this glow effect and sunrise approach. This is a poor quality photograph so the contrast is too high to see all the details, in particular with the branches coming across. SOMETHING is not right with this piece. I spent too much time in front of it, so i’m giving it a couple of days. Everything doesn’t need to be hung until Thursday 12th 4pm, so I’m going to approach it again on Monday and try and work out some things. Potentially another tree in the foreground in on the right side and another branch coming in and across from the left. However I am really happy with the ground and horizon and the softness thats within them.


Many thanks for reading 🙂


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