Sitting ducks..

exhibition preview
Photo courtesy of Prof. John Harvey

I am now a sitting duck awaiting assessment. Dragging out the hanging process as much as I could to simply keep me with something todo, whilst helping others (honestly helping others is my favourite part of the exhibition).

Paintings are up, labels are on. Deciding which I am keeping is still undecided, troublesome I know.

I am awaiting the arrival of my business cards. delivery expected 5pm. Currently feeling tired, all the energy and effort from September has caught up with me. The big moment of the exhibition and deflated and I am now stressing over the assessment. My boyfriend keeps telling me (hoping) the stressful part is over now you can just relax. Where my head is spinning with anxiety for the assessment and for the second exhibition. If anything I am more stressed than ever, more tired than ever and my health issues are effecting me more than ever. Moral is low.

Although boyfriend arrives today, family arrive tomorrow and Saturday morning and I am hoping the show its self shall bring me up a little before another drive home for a couple of days of calm, until the assessment dawns in next Thursday.


My own sneak preview.

Many thanks for reading 🙂


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