Exhibit yourself..

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May Exhibition (1)

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May Exhibition (2)

Well there you have it. My first MA exhibition. A display of all my work since mid January. The day its self was a little nervous. It is expected you circle around but basically stand near your space. This worries me, in ear shot of passing comments. However my family and partner seeing my work, seeing there reactions to it all is a lovely experience. This is the first time they either see my work completely or see it displayed in a professional (especially compared to site they are used to, in storage or process). This whole journey of MA is for myself although it warms my heart greatly to hear how my family are proud of me and how they enjoy my work. Its been a long road to prove to them, I can do this. Which can be difficult when I don’t always believe I can.

Another side to exhibition, is to see old and current Aberystwyth students, lectures and people within the local art community. Considering my living arrangements, I rarely get to be social in Aber anymore. So it was delightful to catch up with friends and to hear their opinions on where my work is now.

Overall the experience is very pleasant. However the novelty wears off far to quick, with assessments lingering around the corner. The doom and fear of the September exhibition is lingering over me already.

Thoughts for September; Fog, Forestry, Evergreens, Landscape, 125cmx75cm, three paintings, similar palette. Work begins Wednesday, with assessment Thursday. Wish me luck.

Many thanks for reading 🙂


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