Judgement day..

IMG_0759So it happened.. Judgement day has come and gone. I survived, barely.
5.30am: alarm goes off
6.15am: on the road
9.15am: arrive at Aberystwyth
10.40am: assessment time.
11.15am: set off back home after gathering supplies.
3.30pm: arrive home. After being stuck in awful traffic.
cheeky ten hour day before I even walked the dogs made dinner etc.

Before my assessment I spent the spare hour I had writing a Self-Evaluation on my exhibition and how I have handled the MA this semester. Which turned into a 1000 word rant at myself. Although I believe I was honest reviewing this, the assessment did highlight somethings I had missed or not given myself credit for.

Some important things to take note of:
– Time management doesn’t have to be either great or bad. There is a good and ok approach. I need to remember although I am doing this full time, I do have other things going on. I should use this as a practise to balance multiple things, as I will have todo this if I wish to have a career in the Museum sector and continue to paint and at some point become a lecturer.

– Focus on what I have achieved and acknowledge what I haven’t. This sounds simple but I often get this the wrong way around. Focusing on what I haven’t achieved. Also deciding on what things are worth pushing through and what is supposed to be left.

– 25 is not old. I have 40 years of working ahead of me. Therefore not everything is a rush. Finishing my MA, finding a job, gathering savings, means it’s probably going to take a while to be set up on my own. Taking time to travel is allowed. I should not let pressures get me down. I do not want to be one of them people who did an art degree but fell into something else. I did the degree, I’m doing the masters so I can have the career I want. I have the confidence I will work hard enough to make it work.
Onwards and upwards I go.

I am now going to spend some time painting and working around some ideas for Tuesday.

Many thanks for reading 🙂







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