Life After Academia…

With all the ‘t’s crossed and ‘i’s dotted on my Masters I am officially leaving academia. For a week….
– At the beginning of October I will be starting my PTTLS course. Level 3 in Education and Training. I do not have the teaching hours to start my Cert Ed however I want something official on paper saying I have a certain knowledge of formal education.

But for now I have to deal with the notion of leaving education. Alot of my selfworth comes from learning, growing, improving myself. Facing the ‘real world’ the full time working world does not scare me – because I cant be a ‘lazy’ student. I have not been a lazy student since college. I am afraid of failing. Off selling out, being to scared to take risks etc.

I could not image anything worse than leaving this bubble of academic and art to end up in something dead end which has nothing todo with my Degree. Failure is a great motivator. Possibilities are not endless.. however the uncertainty is a little exciting. I do not regret completing my MA full time. It is what I needed – but I would not recommend it.

I will keep a piece of my bubble by following my tutors blog. And yes… I will still always refer to Professor John Harvey as my tutor. IMG_1557


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