The perfect autumn day..

IMG_6728Autumn is by far my favourite session, closely followed by Winter, then Spring.
The colours are just outstanding.

Nothing better than a sunny crisp autumn morning. Where everything smells fresh. I am currently very interested in all things mist, frost, ice, fog etc. The light of autumn dusk and dawn, is so warm and calming.

Below are a couple of images from a long walk around Coombe Abbey. The redwoods offer me a little reminder of the Y in the U.S of A. (Yosemite).
IMG_6690– If we think we may be out as the sun is setting the dogs are always in the Hi Viz coats.Originally I brought one for Luna (Malamute) because her top coat is very dark. However Andrew got bullied by my Mum, into buying Nala one as well, so they matched and we did not have favourites. Silly really as I am sure she is now less visible. But I must admit I do think they look cute as a pair,




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